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"I have found that the key to change is not by making it so, rather by letting it go."

Lida N. Vala

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WELCOME to Lida's Practice!

My name is Lida, and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am currently available to take new clients in my Campbell office. Feel free to browse my website for information about my practice or you're welcome to call me for either a free phone consultation or to get started right away on the path towards healing.


Relationships take a lot of work, but you already knew that. We invest our energy, time, and emotions; yet we're still vulnerable to feeling hurt. We all do (whether we allow ourselves to feel it), yet most of us are unaware how to heal after the pain. Are you unsatisfied with the dynamics in your relationships? Do you find yourself experiencing conflicts with partners, friends or loved ones that you wish you didn’t have to go through? Would you like to have more meaningful relationships with family, friends and coworkers; and less of the drama?

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  • Therapy (Individual, Couples, or Family)

  • Transgender & Gender Non-Binary Support (TGNB), including Gender Expansive Children Support Groups
    * Currently in development.

  • Clinical Consultation to other providers

  • Consultation to organizations and agencies

  • Training and education on working with the TGNB community

  • Speaking services as a feature or on a panel.

I am available for in-person & teletherapy/video sessions.

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Often times, life puts us in a situation where we can feel dissatisfied, unhappy, sad, or even depressed. If you find that your emotional state is beginning to negatively impact your relationships, then therapy is an option you may consider. Our emotional states can impact our careers and home life through every day decision-making. They can cause conflicts with the ones we love the most when our hurt is expressed in the form of anger, rage, or even violence toward ourselves or others.

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The office is located in beautiful Campbell, CA adjacent to the Los Gatos Creek County Park!

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