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How To Choose The Right Therapist

Choosing the right therapist is not about any 5-star ratings. It’s about best match, similar to 2 puzzle pieces. It’s about comfort. Ideally, you’d like to work with a therapist where eventually you feel at ease to bring up anything without discomfort. Someone who allows you to feel like nothing is off limits. Perhaps, it’s as if the therapy room transforms weekly to the inside of your mind where any and all thoughts can be revealed. However, early on, there’s always discomfort as it takes time to build trust. Below are some sample questions that I encourage you ask when interviewing a therapist by phone (ideally) or by email (if you prefer):


· Tell me how you believe problems emerge in people’s lives.

· Describe to me how you believe that people can overcome problems.

· What are some of the most important values when you provide therapy for an individual/couple/family?

· Tell me some things you’ve learned from experience with helping people overcome ______ type of problems.

· Tell me what makes it more difficult to overcome problems. 

· How do you evaluate clients so as to know the best way to treat them?

· What are some ways that a person can overcome depression?

· Tell me some ways that a person can manage anxiety?

· What are your views on complex/developmental trauma?

Furthermore, these questions are are good in general regardless of what type of therapy you are seeking. They can also be modified to "how do you view working with Trans folks..." etc. The most important thing is not what the therapist says to the answer, rather the way one feels while engaged in conversation with the therapist so as to gauge a comfort level that may possibly translate to therapy in the actual room.

If you need other insights and helpful questions to ask your potential therapist, please contact me.

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