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Trans Resources

The transition journey is unique to every individual. Here are helpful resources, links, people, and more to optimize your journey:


Social Transition:

· Planned Parenthood | Coming Out As Transgender

· Human Rights Campaign | A Resource Guide To Coming Out

· USC, LGBTQ+ Student Center | Coming Out: General Tips

Legal Transition:


· Transgender Law Center | Changing California & Federal Identity Documents


· Lambda Legal | Transgender Workplace Rights

· The County of Santa Clara Office Of LGBTQI+ Affairs | Homepage

· TGI Justice Project | Homepage

Workplace Rights:

· Humans Rights Campaign | Transgender Inclusion In The Workplace: A Toolkit For Employers 


· U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) | Protections for LGBT Workers 

ID Marker Change:

· California Courts | Gender Change


· National Center for Transgender Equality | Passport Change

· U.S. Bureau Of Consular Affairs | Passport Change of Sex Marker


Name Change:

· California Courts | Court Order Name Change

Legal Help:

· Bay Area Legal | Bay Area Legal Aid Homepage


Medical Transition:



· Eden Electrolysis | Eden Electrolysis Homepage


· Soul Shine Electrolysis | SoulShine Homepage


Medical Clinics, Programs, & Hospitals:

· Santa Clara Valley Medical | Gender Health Clinic

· Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford | Pediatric Adolescent Gender Clinic

· Gender Health SF | Gender Health SF Homepage

· UCSF Transgender Care | Homepage

· UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital | Homepage


· Dr. Thomas Satterwhite & Dr. Dev Gurujal | Align Surgical Homepage

· Dr. Heidi Wittenberg & Dr. Adam Bonnington | Mozaic Care

· Dr. Peter Davis | Davis Plastic Surgery

· Dr. Joel Beck | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

· Dr. Albert Chow | Beauty Plastic Surgery

· Dr. Deschamps-Braley | Deschamps-Braley Homepage

Insurance Navigation Material:

· Supporting Your Patient In An Insurance Denial

· Insurance Contact Log




· Respect Ability | LGBTQ+ People With Disabilities

Support Groups:


· Billy Defrank South Bay Trans Men, Transmasculine, Non-Binary Group | info


· Billy Defrank Trans Women Group | info


· Non-Binary Group | info


· Q-Corner / County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services | info


· San Francisco Community Health Center | Online Community Health Groups


· Trans Lifeline | info


· The Trevor Project | info

* Gail C. Bardin, MA, LMFT | Support Groups and Therapy Groups: What Is The Difference?



Community Organizations:


· The Transgender District SF | info

· Taja's Coalition | info


· Peacock Rebellion | info


· El/La Para Translatinas | info


· TransLatin@ Coalition | info

For Families Of Trans:

· SFSU Family Project | info


· Children's National | Gender Development Program


· Trans Youth Family Allies | info

· Our Family Coalition | info

· PFLAG East Bay | info

· Gender Spectrum | info

· Dr. Shane Hill | 10 Things We Can Do To Support Our Children Who Are Questioning Their Gender: English | Spanish

· Family Acceptance Project: 
            · Family Behaviors That Increase Your LGBTQ Child's Health & Well-Being

            · Family Behaviors That Increase Your LGBTQ Child's Risk For Serious Health & Mental Problems

            · Family Acceptance Project @ San Francisco State University (SFSU)

· The Washington Post | Families Don't Have To Choose Between Their Faith & Their LGBT Kids


Other Media:

· GLAAD Transgender Media Program | info

· Amanda Jetté Knox | "World Meet My Non-Binary Kid"

· Sarah Kaplan | "How I'm Supporting My 8 Year Old Through Gender Transition"

· Liana Vibes | "What Can Trans People Spiritually Teach Us?" | "What Having Trans Best Friends Taught Me About Life"

Gender Affirming Children's Books:

There are many wonderful children's books that are gender-affirming. I have compiled a sample list here, and you can download the full list on the button below:

1. "Stacey's Not A Girl"  by Colt Keo-Meier


2. "Jack Not Jackie" by Erica Silverman


3. "The Story of Ferdinand"  by Munro Leaf

4. "Red: A Crayon's Story"  by Michael Hall

5. "I Am Jazz"  by Jessica Herthel

6. "My Princess Boy"  by Cheryl Kilodavis

7. "A is for Activist"  by Innosanto Nagara

8. "Jacob's New Dress"  by Sarah Hoffman

9. "What Makes A Baby"  by Cory Silverberg

10. "Sparkle Boy"  by Lesléa Newman

11. "Is That For A Boy Or A Girl?"  by S. Bear Bergman

12. "Phoenix Goes To School: A Story To Support Transgender"  by Michelle Finch

13. "Who Are You? The Kid's Guide To Gender Identity"  by Brook Pessin-Whedbee

14. "Nonnie Talks About Gender"  by Mary Jo Podgurski

15. "The Gender Wheel: A Story About Bodies and Gender"  by Maya Gonzalez

16. "Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?"  by Sarah Savage

17. "Transgender Children Of God"  by Megan M. Rohrer





Gender Specialist & What They Do:

A Gender Specialist is a commonly used term by therapists who provide services to the TGNC community. However, it is an unofficial term that anyone can assign to themselves. Below you will find a list of what you can expect a gender specialist to do and how they would treat you. Utilize this list when interviewing a therapist that claims to serve trans-clientele:


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