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Individual Therapy

As I see it, therapy can have a tremendous influence on a person's life. My style of therapy emphasizes the importance and validation of a client's life experiences. I utilize a compassionate approach where you can feel comfortable to explore and examine your life in order to better understand patterns that may contribute to problems. I don't subscribe to a "cookie-cutter approach", rather offer a personalized form of treatment based on your personality and life experiences.


My style of therapy is not about identifying and making the best decisions possible at any given moment. It's about finding healthy ways to respond to pain and emotional suffering. While most people strive to avoid pain, I value it... because it is through pain that we learn how to heal. I hope to provide the support that will help you find your own way of healing. I also support clients in identifying how their current patterns in relationships contribute to their successes. In essence, it's a journey into a dark, mysterious place full of excitement and fear. Through it all, I can help light the way

"Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations."

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