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My Services

*** I am available for in-person and virtual/video call sessions.***

Therapy Services

I offer the following for Individual and Couple's/Family Therapy. 


Common Concerns:

  • Conflict in Relationships

  • Depression

  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Phobias

  • Anger/Rage

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Divorce or Break-Ups

  • Death & Dying

  • Difficulties in School, Work, or other Performances

  • Gender Identity or Expression

  • Sex, Sexuality & Kink

  • Addiction

  • Trauma

  • Parent-Child Relationships

  • Cultural Adjustment


My Style:

I utilize a systems model of therapy guided by Multi-Generational Family Therapy (Bowenian) with a Narrative Therapy approach to help clients learn ways to be successful by taking ownership and power about the changes they can make, rather than frustratingly wait for their environment to adjust to them. While I use an eclectic background of various theories such as Bowenian, Narrative, Existential, Gestalt, and Humanistic; my core focus is on helping clients be their authentic selves as they envision. In therapy, this primarily involves helping individuals acknowledge their authentic emotions. I find that this often leads to learning how to better manage emotions in the short-term, which then may decrease instances of depression, anxiety, and interpersonal conflict in the long-term.

* Fees are negotiable in case of financial hardships. Please contact me for further information.

Support Groups

Support groups are currently in development (not available at this time). Eventually, I'm seeking to offer the weekly provisions:

· Trans Young-Adult Support Group (1.5 hours weekly)
· Trans Older-Teen Support Group (1.5 hours weekly)
· Trans Younger-Teens Support Group (1.5 hours weekly)

Please subscribe on the homepage for any and all updates related to this important and exciting venture!

 Transgender & Gender Non-Binary Support

I can provide therapy to trans or gender non-conforming clients. Find out more detail of my services here:

* Fees are negotiable in case of financial hardships. Please contact me for further information.

Consultation, Training & Other Speaking Services

I have extensive experience in offering consultations, training, & other speaking services. Please contact me directly for my resume offering the following:

Consultation Services

· Clinical consultation to other therapists.

· Trans related consultation to other professionals (therapists, doctors, social workers, case managers, & agencies).

· Resources for identification for trans-competent health care providers.

· Resources for legal document changes.


Training Services

· Clinical training for therapists and social workers for working with trans and gender non-conforming clients.

· Training on how to complete and evaluate so as to document a proper “letter of readiness” for medical transition.

· Trans 101 training for audiences of parents, teachers, or administrators of various institutions.


Other Speaking Services

· Motivational speeches

· Inspirational speeches

· Speeches on Unity

· Presentations on Mental Health

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